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EP. 050 – Zealandia & EXP. 371 w/ Dr. Jerry Dickens

From the Pacific Ocean, between Australian and New Zealand, famous Rice University Earth Sciences professor Dr. Jerry Dickens joins us via satellite from the JOIDES Resolution research vessel to discuss Expedition #EXP317 's mission, and discuss the implications of the recent discovery of the real lost 8th continent - #Zealandia. We will be answering questions from the audience, and then given a real-time overview of the core drilling being undertaken in the Pacific by Jerry and his team to understand the environmental history of this mysterious sunken continent. This episode - our 50th - is privileged to have been chosen to take part in this historic event. Never before has a LIVE YouTube-based program been invited to share and observe - in REAL TIME - a scientific research process of this magnitude and importance that is related to the history of our planet. We are honoured to be taking part! Read More
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EP. 048 – Aliens on the Moon & Mars w/ Richard C. Hoagland

Richard C. Hoagland, a man in the Alien research field that needs little to no introduction, joins us for our final #AliensMonth show to discuss his long and storied career in researching, discovering, and disclosing the ancient, or current, alien presence on the Moon and Mars - and to discuss any new and recent findings his team at the Enterprise Mission have discovered. We will also touch on his radio show, The Other side of Midnight, and find out exactly what is "Club 19.5". Read More

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