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EP. 043 – Fallen from Above w/ Charles P. O’Dale

Comet and meteor impact researcher will join us live in studio to further discuss the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, the importance of comet impact prevention, and the royal astronomical society of Canada’s 2017 general assembly happening to celebrate the nation’s 150th birthday. We also discuss the possibly found crater for the YD impact! Read More
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EP. 042 – Buried Links to the Past w/ Laird Scranton

Renowned author Laird rejoins us in the den to discuss new findings from Gobekli Tepe as it relates to the younger dryas impact hypothesis, and how that symbolism has permeated around the globe. we will also discuss comparative cosmology as a profession, and the challenges faced in his field. Read More
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EP. 041 – The Rocci Stucci Show w/ Rocci Stucci

host of The Rocci Stucci Show, Rocci joins us for the first time in the Den of Lore proper, having last been a guest on The Hangover, to discuss American politics, current events, conspiracy theories, and provide perspectives on the position some Americans take on these subjects in the current geopolitical climate. Read More

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