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EP. 027 – History’s Missing Link w/ Richard Cassaro

Richard Cassaro joins us to talk about the propagation of the same symbolism in religions and architecture throughout history, and how this could potentially prove the existence of a lost golden age of civilization. We are also going to discuss Freemasonry, and how it has affected the way he looks at the evidence. Read More
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EP. 025 – The Giza Template w/ Edward Nightingale

Edward Nightingale returns to the Den for a featured episode to dig deep and discuss all aspects of his work on the Giza Template. If you caught the last 2 hours of our #JAWProject telethon, then you got just a taste of the lore this man has in store for the listeners. During this mammoth 5 hour episode, we get joined by Denver Michaels, Camron Wiltshire, and discuss the Giza Template, Current events, the philosophy behind our current political troubles, and touched on the Templars having known the secrets behind the Giza Template.
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