We’re a light-hearted and scotch-fuelled conversation / interview podcast where we talk with guests about Science, Technology, Philosophy, Pop Culture, Lost Civilizations, the Paranormal, Aliens & UFOs, Ancient History & Whatever else we feel like!


We bring the fringe to the light so the show’s listeners can “Learn Some Cool Sh*T” they may not have known otherwise. Or, gain fresh perspectives on subjects close to their hearts. Ad-Free, Corporate Sponsor-free, and 100% listener supported. We’re kind of like the Joe Rogan Experience.


We don’t BS here. We aren’t into the pro-wrestling-like, fear-based, BS shovelling conspiracy-nut-swinging like other shows. We are rational, logical, centrists. We don’t deal with fanatical views – we call it like we see it. We swear a lot and don’t apologize for it.


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On The Mic



Co-host and Grey Feline Alien Conduit
I’m the show’s official co-host. I’m an 11-year old female domestic short hair that has been Chris’s boss since we first met. I can routinely be found monitoring Chris’s work performance from the back of his char, or his lap. The website is as good as it is due to my constant micromanagement of this project. I am the conduit from where the Grey Feline Concordat speaks to humanity through Chris. ALL BLUE CHICKENS WILL KNEEL BEFORE THE CONCORD- I mean, Purrs And Cuddles my children.
Chris George Zuger - Host, Den of Lore

Chris George Zuger

Host, Den of Lore
I'm a 32nd Degree Freemason, an award-winning Creative Director, Copywriter, and Public Speaker. As a long time listener of shows like the Joe Rogan Experience, Grimerica, and Spaced Out Radio, I had a clear idea of what I wanted a show like this to be - FUN. I like ancient knowledge, symbolism, long walks on the beach, and the ``occasional`` glass of single malt Scotch. Not that blended crap - that's barely whisky.
Denver Michaels - Author & Host, Crypto Corner

Denver Michaels

Host, Crypto Corner
I’m Denver Michaels, an author with a passion for cryptozoology, the paranormal, lost civilizations—basically all things unexplained. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and check out my books. My first book takes a look at the lake monster phenomenon in the United States and Canada. Piggybacking off the first book, my second work tackles water monster legends, sightings, and myths in South & Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Learn more about my second book. In my third book, available April 3, 2017, I take a look at the Mountain State and ask: Why does West Virginia experience a disproportionate amount paranormal activity? If you would like to report a sighting, or for other correspondence please contact me.
Michael Huntington - Host, Enigmas N' Shit

Michael Huntington

Host, Enigmas N' Shit
I am Michael Huntington and I travel to strange places across America with my wife, Diane, and my two young boys, Robbie and Sammie. We visit famous UFO sighting locations, hunt for mythical monsters, search spooky places of the Unknown, explore air and space museums, set-jet movie filming locations, and check out unique roadside attractions. Mostly, we try to have fun traveling as a family. We live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri – a Midwest town located on the Mississippi River.

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Chris Elmquist - Audio Engineer

Chris Elmquist

Audio Engineer
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Bram Michaelson

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