EP. 014 – Digital Media Engagement w/ Renaud TimsonClio Award Winning 35-year-plus advertising creative, renowned Canadian voice actor, and one of the greatest creative minds the industry in Canada has ever produced – Renaud Timson takes time to stop by the Den for a scotch-fuelled, in-depth, and rousing discussion on his story, the advertising profession, the state of advertising today, engaging audiences through compelling stories via digital media, and his exciting world travels. He’s also a good friend and mentor to host Chris and we’re excited he is helping bridge the Christmas gap with some good cheer.

Chris also learned from this episode – taste the scotch – don’t shoot it – to avoid the unpleasant morning hangover.

Our Obligatory Opening Segment


Renaud is known as a scotch aficionado, so he is bringing a selection of his finest single-malts to the Den for us to taste on air so you can have a few ideas of what to bring to your family Christmas parties to aid in your deep familial discussions on what the hell is going on in Washington.

Featured Guest

Renaud Timson

Renaud is one of the most compelling copywriters to ever work in Canada, so he is going to be writing his own bio for this to give you an idea of the type of person he is.

Intro Music:

Only Knows by Broke For Free

Outro Music:

Spellbound by Broke For Free

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