Camron Wiltshire is the Chief Creative Officer and protege to Randall Carlson of Sacred Geometry International, Geo Cosmic Rex, and Joe Rogan Experience fame. His extensive work has brought the work of Randall Carlson to the wider international audience of knowledge seekers and academics alike.

Camron is coming on to discuss his work on finding Gnosis, Sacred Geometry, How he met Randall and began this amazing journey. We go far down the rabbit hole to discuss the realm of his experience and how politics, spiritualism, and manifesting reality affect us as individuals. At the end of the show, Omnicron / Bram joins us in a call in to ask Camron a few questions and add his deep perspective (and soothing radio voice) to the conversation. Grab your decanter, place it on the side table, and enjoy the ride.


Intro Music:

Only Knows by Broke For Free

Outro Music:

Spellbound by Broke For Free

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