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? Jungian Psychology
? The individual Psyche



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After many years of preparation, Laura launched her podcast speaking of Jung in the Summer of 2015. It was originally intended to be a series of interviews with Toronto-based and Zürich-trained Jungian analyst and author Daryl Sharp and the other analysts whose work he’s published for Inner City Books, but soon grew to include other analysts as well.

During many years of study, Laura noticed Jung’s theories, ideas, and – most especially – terminology have been distorted and misinterpreted a great deal. Not to mention misunderstood. She often heard his terms bandied about with just a cursory knowledge of their meaning. Jung was the first to use the terms persona, introvert, extravert, archetype, collective unconscious, individuation, and synchronicity. She asks those who studied Jung in-depth to explain what they really mean.

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