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“Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? And if so, what if there were clues left behind?”
These are the questions asked by the popular television show Ancient Aliens. Thanks to the concerted efforts of many dedicated researchers, many such ‘clues’ have indeed been identified.

We now know that many ancient cultures created artefacts, structures and artworks that related to their strong connection with the sky and beliefs in beings that inhabited the void above, entities that could also influence life on Earth. Many cults centred on such sky beings are also depicted in literary works of the past, whether we look to the Maya, Egyptians or Sumerians.

What is still lacking is ‘smoking gun’ evidence that extraterrestrial beings contacted humanity. We can sum up the present situation with this quote from Professor Barry Vacker, a sceptic with a former inclination towards ancient astronaut theory:

“Where’s the equivalent of the black monolith in 2001 — that single artifact of indisputable extraterrestrial design or origin?”

The answer to Vacker’s sceptical question is that we have it, it’s here in Australia.

Our research began in a rather unconventional direction; we followed a series of clues offered by the past-life recollections of over 20 people. These recovered memories recalled a prehistoric visitation to this planet. We already knew that the esteemed scientist, Professor Ian Stevenson, had proved past-life memories provide valid data. Stevenson matched over 200 such accounts with historical events, real people and definitive locations.

Incredibly, this unique approach led us to the ‘holy grail’ of ancient astronaut theory. We not only located an artefact of indisputable extraterrestrial origin but just as with the black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey (the screenplay written by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke), it takes us back to the moment when the first Homo sapiens ancestors emerged.

The two events, the visitation by cosmic visitors and the emergence of our species, are not disconnected.

Having established that ancient aliens visited this world almost 800,000 years ago, we then examined the latest DNA studies and found the tell-tale fingerprints of these Star People. This book represents their testament to humanity, confirming not only that they came, but that we all carry the gift they entrusted to us – unlimited potential.

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