Top up your decanters with some 15 year Highland and get ready for Ep. 002 of The Den of Lore Show!

This week’s audio broadcast featured the hosts of several paranormal podcasts that I have enjoyed over the years joining me for a rousing Round Table Soiree!

Seriah from Where Did The Road Go?

Jim from The Mallard Report

Mike and Wendy from See You On The Other Side

A few of the topics that were open for discussion included:

a. Space X Mars mission announcement

b. Talking about our own paranormal/ET/UFO or occult experiences

c. Recent UFO recording on heat cam by UK police

Bristol Police Capture Invisible UFO On Infrared Camera

d. Halloween and Pagan rituals/magic surrounding the holiday

e. Discussion of the recent study “The phylogenetic roots of human lethal violence”

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