Our guest for EP. 005 is John Moore, the founder & lead researcher for Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigations. We’re going to talk about all things apparition, demonic, and paranormal related.

John’s Bio

John has been researching and investigating the paranormal for over 15 years. Before creating the OPRI, he spent time with other groups, but finally decided to go his own way. He formed the group based on paranormal unity as well as helping those dealing with the paranormal situations. He has been fascinated by the paranormal since being a young boy living in New Brunswick. He saw his first apparition at age 9 in his family’s funeral home, and has searched for answers to what he saw since then.


About Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigations

They are a team of Paranormal Researchers and Investigators based out of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Their primary objective is to scientifically document, research and investigate claims of the paranormal. Their team has over 50 years of combined experience and specializes in dealing in cases of extreme paranormal activity. Their services are provided at no cost to their clients while always ensuring to protect their confidentiality.

They believe in paranormal unity, and as such, use many independent reviewers and researchers from across the globe. They are able to help deal with all manner of paranormal activity and are available whenever clients ask them to go. They are also a proud member of Haunted North America.
Intro Music:
Only Knows by Broke For Free

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