July 19, 2017

JULY 22nd 10AM EST to 8PM EST

VIP Interactive Experience Digital Pass (ONLY with a registration donation of $100 USD or more)

What is the JAWSymposium?

  • An interactive ONLINE Alt-History Charity Symposium telethon In Support of John Anthony West.
  • It’s free to watch, but we are sincerely hoping for your support of John Anthony West with a donation to the #JAWProject Fundly Page.


OR at PayPal.com and send to zoecwest@gmail.com

  • John Anthony West’s long fight with cancer & pneumonia is nearing the home stretch, but he and his family need your support to make assisted trip home from the Houston clinic on Aug. 1st.
  • Our goal is to raise $50,000 for John’s assisted travel, post-travel home treatment, and medication.


Who is Holding the Event?
Sacred Geometry International is again partnering with Den of Lore and Fade to Black, and Astromonk – Camron Wiltshire from SGI is the in studio host, with Chris George Zuger and Big Sexy Alex moderating the morning , and Jimmy Church moderating the afternoon presentations and Question & Answer Periods.


Who will be Presenting?

  • Robert Bauval
  • Laird Scranton
  • Randall Carlson, Gary A. David, and Edward Nightingale discussing their adventures in Arizona after Contact in the Desert – they will be joined by Graham Hancock at some point in the presentation.


  • Aaron Cheak, PhD & scholar of comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism


  • Chance Gardner, Director of Magical Egypt Series 1 & 2


Where can I watch it?

  • What is the JAWSymposium VIP Interactive Experience Digital Pass?
  • VIP Register with a $100 USD or more donation at shop.denoflore.com/product/jawsvip
  • Backstage LIIVE VIP chat room w/ other VIPs and Presenters
  • Get first crack at asking questions during Q&A
  • Exclusive digital download copy of the Symposium 24 hours available after the event
  • Receive a special VIP gift package from the J.A.W.Symposium sponsors!

How do I Activate the Digital Pass?
1) Just Provide your Email Address and Phone Number at checkout and make sure your donation for registration is $100 USD or more

2) 1 hour before the show your VIP pass containing your login password and a secret backstage link

3) Click the link, enter your username and password, and join the VIP backstage chat room

4) the VIP chat room opens 1 hour before the broadcast and closes 1 hour after


What is the JAWSymposium VIP Interactive Experience Digital Pass?


  • VIP Register with a $100 USD or more donation at https://shop.denoflore.com/product/jawsvip
  • You will be allowed special access to the Symposium’s backstage discussion page where you will be able to discuss the event and the lectures with other VIP members
  • J.A.W.Symposium lecturers will also be present to interact with donors and each-other minimum 30 minutes prior to their presentations (Robert Bauval excluded due to timezone and bandwidth restrictions)
  • You will have a first come first serve opportunity (limited by time) to place a call-in questions during the post-lecture QA period – and before any other non-vip viewers (QA Periods begin at NOON eastern standard time, 9 AM pacific time)
  • You will have exclusive download access to the Symposium’s digital video, which will be available within 24 hours after completion of the event
  • You will receive a special VIP gift package from the J.A.W.Symposium sponsors!

How do I Activate it?

  • During the purchase process, provide your email address, home address, and telephone number where you can be reached at.
  • Maximum 1 hour before broadcast, you will be emailed a Sacred Geometry International web address, username, and password
  • Click the link any time after the broadcast begins, and log into the LIVE backstage discussion page
  • The LIVE backstage discussion page will deactivate maximum 1 hour after the Live broadcast ends

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