Please Excuse the Mess and DO NOT PANIC!

October 25, 2017


We’re in a state of refreshment here in the Den of Lore. Since I develop my websites similarly to how I clean my studio, it inevitably will take longer than a weekend – and you’re liable to trip over some shit I left on the floor on your way in. Do not worry – we’re not going anywhere! In fact, I’m redoing the website because we are EXPANDING and GROWING!

Episode 062 marked the first episode release that resulted in numerous server resource spikes – and temporary offline warnings – on release day. That mean’s we’ve outgrown our server and we are picking up and moving to greener (and faster pastures) with a new website and more space to easily showcase all of the segments that are seen on the YouTube.

If you’re here to download episodes – I’ve got those coming on time again (thankfully). If you hope for more frequent news and updates – follow me on Ttwitter or check out the Den of Lore Facebook Page

One thing I would NOT recommend is to follow us on Google+… And to the one person who follows us on that platform, god speed brave soul. You will not be forgotten – except I don’t know your name.

So thank you for your patience and understanding while I continue to revamp dis biatch to super awesome.

















Love, Your Hostest with the Mostest

xoxoxoxo times 3.14159265359 3.14159265359

  • Chris George Zuger

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