This week’s episode, we have a friend of the show, and renewed fantasy author Pierre Dubé on the program to discuss his profession, life, and the event that lead to the development of his new philosophy that he is sharing with the world to help make it a happier place.

In the last half hour we discuss Star Wars and billiards. Chris goes on a rant on why Episode 1-3 sucked. Good times.


Our Obligatory Opening Segment

Keeping with the theme of the show, this week’s edition of Our Obligatory Opening Segment will feature discussion on something cool we learned this week, as well as some news on where the show is going in the coming weeks.


Pierre Dubé

Pierre is an author, linguistics expert, and family-man that has been writing books since his teen years. Despite his accomplishments, he sees himself as just a regular man that has dealt with extraordinary experiences the best way he can. Several years ago he experienced an event in his life that shook the foundations of his very being. Since then, he has rebuilt himself and his life philosophy, and that has resulted in the creation of his new book – and the wider philosophy behind it, which he believes will change people’s lives for the better – 1+1=1: Formula for Happiness.

1+1 = 1: Formula for Happiness on

1+1 = 1: Formula for Happiness on


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