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November 23, 2016

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EP. 009 we welcome researcher and author Ross Hamilton onto the show to discuss his research process. how he got into researching North American ancient history, Star Mounds in North America, the Serpent Mound in Ohio, it’s significance in North American archeology, and finally Giants of North America and how it’s all connected.

Our Obligatory Opening Segment

Chris and Alex catch up on the week, discuss the recent happenings in UFO and paranormal news, and continue expanding their minds with a presentation of this week’s new and interesting factoids.

Our Featured Guest

Ross Hamilton

Born in 1948 on Long Island, New York, Ross Hamilton has lived in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area since the age of seven. Fascinated by American Indian history from childhood, Hamilton has devoted his life to bringing to light the lost history of the North American continent. He has worked with activist Vine Deloria Jr., the former executive director of the National Congress of American Indians; Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman; and Iroquois chief Jake Swamp. He frequently gives interviews on the subject of the star mounds, most recently on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens.

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