MAX GRAHAM, legendary international recording artist, composer, performer and DJ, joins us in the Den of Lore for a very special 11:00 AM LIVE daytime episode. Den of Lore is about acquiring knowledge first and foremost. Learn Cool Shit is our motto. What could be cooler than learning from an artist with a 20+ year career who’s seen it all and done it all. Most of all, how he has used his own innate sense of self and positivity to interact and reach out to fans in a way that has garnered one of the most loyal and long standing followings in all of electronic music. We’re going to dig deep to gain insight into his story, how his personality and beliefs have shaped the way he interacts with his fans, recount his career path, discuss his artistic inspiration & creative process, and discuss the upcoming release of CYCLES 8.

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Max Graham has always forged a path of his own, over the course of his career he’s drawn from multiple influences to create a sound that is a unique combination of Techno, Progressive and Trance. From his signature emotive releases to his famed story telling dj sets he flawlessly fuses genres everywhere from globally renowned festivals like Tomorrowland to his trademark ‘Open to Close’ sets in the best clubs in the world. Max’s love for the art form of mixing and his obsession with finding new music can be heard in the hugely successful CD series ‘Cycles’ and popular weekly radio show ‘Cycles Radio’ now syndicated in over 50 countries – it is this dedication that ensures the audience at his shows is always taken on an incredible journey.

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Only Knows by Broke For Free

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Max Graham – Cycles 8 (Compilation Preview)

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