Intro to the Show! We’re Booking Season 1 Guests NOW!

September 19, 2016

Good day my fellow denizens!

I have been doing my best to get this show off the ground for a year. It has taken me that long to rebuild my podcast studio that can allow me to host live in-studio guests, as well as call-in guests via Skype.

I attempted to launch in 2015, but my job at the time ramped my hours up considerably (ever work 20 hours a day for a week straight? Doesn’t leave much time for booking and interviewing guests!).

Now, I have the means and the time to get things going right.

So, what is The Den of Lore Show going to be about?

Pretty much, whatever the hell I want it to be. As long as it is interesting and stimulating. UFO’s, Ancient History, Philosophy, Science, Technology – whatever I can get my hands on as far as guests and content.

We’re booking Season 1 guests now. Summers will be a little sparse as I take end of July and middle of August off to travel and go camping with my wife and family. Although, during that time, I’ll do my best to give regular website updates.

If you’re a writer, and want to contribute an article, click CONTACT in the nav, and drop me a line. The more the merrier!



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