Our Summer Live YouTube Schedule

April 22, 2017

Good day Denizens!

If you’ve listened to the EP. 033-34 Hangover, you may already be aware that we are switching up our weekly live-stream schedule for the summer due to need-to-spend-time-at-the-cottage requirements.

Starting May 4th, The Den of Lore Show will be broadcasting LIVE on YouTube EVERY THURSDAY (unless we have a special need to do a mid-week show).

The lineup for May is now available to our Patrons on Patreon, and it will be officially announced before next week’s Dr. Gerald Dickens episode.

Our iTunes/Google Play releases will remain on our usual Monday/Tuesday cycle, and doing the shows on Thursdays may actually ensure we get them our on time lol.


Thanks everyone!

Sincerely – Your Hosts,

  • Chris George Zuger & #BSA
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