Thu Dec 01 @ 830 PM – /u/GlobalHell LIVE

November 30, 2016

EP. 010 welcomes Reddit user /u/GlobalHell who will be calling us from a secured line and an undisclosed location to discuss his extensive research into the relationship between solar activity and seismic events here on Earth. He has made some accurate predictions using his method, most notably the 7.4 Fukushima earthquake in November 2016.

We’re going to learn how he go into this field of research, and all the specifics as to his methods. If you like cloak and dagger mixed with scientific intrigue, set your reminder and tune in!

Our Obligatory Opening Segment

Keeping with the theme of the show, this week’s edition of Our Obligatory Opening Segment will feature discussion on something cool we learned this week, as well as some news on where the show is going in the coming weeks.

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