EP.097 – Detours into the Paranormal w/ Michael Horne, Denver Michaels, Rich Giordano

To start the show Denver Michaels comes on to provide an introduction to his new book Detours into the Paranormal: Atlantic City Road Trip. Following Denver, Michael Horne - friend of the claimed ET contactee, Billy Meyer joins us to discuss the evidence for and against the Billy Meyer case. In the later half of the show Richard Giordano​ joins us from #TheParanormalCode to pose a few questions for Michael in honour of Rich's 100th TPC episode.

EP. 096 – Ancient Origins of Maori Cosmology, Symbols & Myth w/ Laird Scranton

Extending his global cosmology comparisons to New Zealand, Laird Scranton shows how the same cosmological concepts and linguistic roots that began at Göbekli Tepe are also evident in Maori culture and language.

EP. 095 – The Gosford Glyphs & Egypt in Australia w/ Colin Hayter

Considered a hoax by many, and ultimate evidence of ancient Egyptian trans-oceanic voyages by others, the curious set of symbols has produced mixed views from researchers around the globe. One of the most controversial subjects in modern history is questioning whether advanced ancient civilizations, like the ancient Egyptian civilizations, managed to travel across the globe.

EP. 094 – Fooling the World: Directing the Roswell Alien Autopsy w/ Spyros Melaris

In 1995, filmmaker and magician Spyros Melaris created an illusion of global significance. His mission was to create something so unusual, so disturbing that it would rock the world. 'The Alien Autopsy' was not just a hoax. It challenged belief systems. It asked; “Do Aliens exist, and are they visiting our planet?”

EP. 092 – Lighting the Void & Mufon Politics w/ Joe Rupe & Earl Grey

We delve deep into the concept of podcasting and independent radio with Lighting the Void and Fringe.FM host Joe Rupe, then get an inside look into MUFON operations, experiences, abductions, and UFO politics.
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