EP. 103 – Lorenight OPEN LINES: Listener Stories of Abductions, Sightings, Hauntings, & Experiences

We take listener calls and share some banter back and forth on recent UFO events and the paranormal scene in general. Also we discuss some of the blatant fake YouTube cult movements that seem to be sweeping the scene as of late.

EP. 102 – MASTERCLASS: Is It Real? How to Tell if an Alien Video is a Hoax w/ Spyros Melaris

Spyros Melaris is a director and producer, known for the famous Roswell Alien Autopsy that fooled the world in 1995, Mr Magic, Dirty Tricks (1999) and Beckham Mania: The Kick Off (2002).

EP. 101 – Göbekli Tepe, Giants & the Ancient Megalithic Elite w/ Hugh Newman & Jj Ainsworth

Hugh is an author, television presenter, author, and research expert on megalithic architecture, giants, and crop circles. JJ is a world traveller and life-long symbolist researcher. Together they bring the curious and the knowledgable to some of the most amazing ancient sites on Earth.

It’s A Den of Lore Independence Day Q&A

Chris got bored and did an impromptu Q&A where we had call-ins from Lee, Chris from The Astrology Show, and Dave Scott discussing upcoming Spaced Out Radio episodes and the new monthly special Chis is a part of - Reality Paranormal. We cap off discussing climbing Mount Everest.


Earl is the Assistant Director of MUFON Los Angeles and the lead UFO field investigator for the state of California - the state with the highest number of incident and sightings in the United States of America.

Part 2 – EP. 099 – A LOOK BACK AT 98 EPISODES OF DEN OF LORE w/ Chris George Zuger

In a very animated and entertaining second part, Chris takes the reigns once again on a working computer for his own episode to wain philosophically on the last 98 episodes before the big 100th episode coming up at the beginning of July. Many fucks were said.
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