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EP. 088 – Uncovering Patterns of Evidence w/ David Rohl

David’s popularity stems principally from his internationally acclaimed TV series ‘Pharaohs and Kings’ (1995), which has been seen by millions around the world, and for the best-selling book A Test of Time (translated into twelve languages). The documentary ‘In Search of Eden’ has also reached a huge audience and is constantly being repeated on the satellite channels. Read More
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EP. 087 – How Can Meditation Overcome ADD/ADHD? w/ Forrest Neal

Forrest Neal is a volunteer meditation coach at the Meditation Center of Alabama and has written the #1 Bestselling book, The Power of Meditation: Meditation as a Tool for the Modern World. Forrest has been teaching meditation by leading meditation retreats as well as coaching online to people in over 130 countries. He has lectured at the University of South Alabama on multiple occasions alongside Dr. Nena Nimit on the subject of meditation. Read More
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