Apologies to the community

November 10, 2016

Hey gang. The last month or so, I’ve been battling what I thought was a cold that wouldn’t go away, which ended up being quite the nasty bacterial chest infection. It kept me bedridden for the most part, except for one or two days that allowed me to get episode 6 out.

thankfully, lots of rest (and some pretty gnarly prescribed meds) I am on the mend and ready to keep the show and blog going.

It is going to take me a bit to get things back on track, so please bare with me as I get the show schedule updated, and further guests booked.

Also, expect some website usability updates and a show calendar to appear on the site in the near future!

Sincerelty and with love, Your Hostest with the Mostest:

  • Chris George Zuger
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