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November 10, 2016

EP. 007 is a show we have been trying to put together for some time.

We have live in studio meteor impact researcher, Charles P. O’Dale, live in studio to discuss his work researching The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, and to discuss his research on meteor/comet impacts in North America.

If you’re a fan of Randall Carlson, Charles would be considered his Canadian equivalent in his search for knowledge on how meteor impacts have affected the North American continent.

Live Show

Charles P. O’Dale

Charle’s scientific study of impact structures began only about 50 years ago. Like any kid, he spent hours looking at the craters on the Moon through his old telescope. Would he ever get a chance to explore a crater? Well since retirement, he has combined his hobbies of astronomy, geology and flying to explore impact craters and structures in North America from the air and ground.

While studying the physics of impact sites, Charles has found that circular geological features can be produced by a number of geological processes, including igneous activity (diatremes, maars, calderas, volcanoes, or syenite/plutons), dissolution and collapse of salt or carbonate rocks by groundwater (dolines), salt or shale diapirism, regional tectonism (circular fold-interference patterns or stratified circular features), glaciation (kettle holes), carbonate mounds, and by meteorite impacts.

His science background plus the experience gleaned from his past profession of semiconductor failure analysis has given him the incentive to document his analysis of these craters and structures.

Check out his full CV here

Live Show

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