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September 19, 2016

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Naturally, in this field of research, one must take all sightings with a grain of salt.

Remember that video that showed an apparent floating city in the sky over China? Despite numerous and (in my eyes valid) debunks of the video, it appeared on numerous news stations and websites, and was attributed to ‘fata morgana’. The ridiculousness of this claim baffles me, seeing as fata morgana only really appears on the horizon and not high in the sky as the floating city video deptics.

What I found so funny about this case was that there wasn’t really any need to look at CGI explanations or weather phenomenon to debunk the case, very simple basic logic does the job.

The area of China in which this sighting allegedly happened is Foshan in the Guangdon province. This area has a population of over 700,000 and, seeing as there are an estimated 500 million smartphones in use in China virtually all of which have built in cameras, it is not only unlikely but absurd to say that there is only one 42 second video of the ‘event’.

However the mere fact that this news story was extremely popular worldwide for a couple weeks shows just how little people are prepared to use very basic logic to refute a claim like this makes research into the field lose respect in larger spheres.

People with an adequate capacity for skepticism were quick to see the absurdity of this sighting, which then brings into question virtually every other UFO sighting, even (and perhaps particularly) those with video evidence. As usual, people were too quick to assume some sort of extraterrestrial cause, or a test of Project Blue Beam or some sort of ‘rift’ between two dimensions, without approaching the case with objective, empirical sense.

Now of course, this is not the only reason why UFO research is ignored by the majority of the general public, despite it being, in my view, the most interesting thing going on on (and off) Earth at the moment.

There are now millions of hoax UFO videos, and video editing technology has advanced to the point that it would be difficult to use any sort of video evidence to verify the validity of a sighting. What is therefore interesting is the fact that perhaps the most legitimate UFO videos and photographs do not show a classic flying saucer, or a triangular UFO but instead depict distant, unexplained lights in the sky. This is perhaps more reliable as one would assume someone with the intention of making a UFO hoax video would give the ‘craft’ some abnormal structure so that it would be quick to label as a UFO and not a distant plane or other form of known aerial vehicle or phenomenon. Working on this assumption, one could view the typical out-of-focus and far off shaky-cam videos and photos of ‘mysterious lights’ as perhaps the most valid form of visual UFO evidence.

The sheer quantity of hoaxes makes it really difficult to take UFO research seriously. Regardless of the validity of the videos themselves, being accompanied by X-files style music, a dramatic clickbait title such as EXTREME!! Best UFO Sightings August 2016 [Breaking News] Share This!, makes it harder and harder to take such videos seriously. I mean, there seems to be an ever-decreasing gap in style between legitimate UFO videos and something like a flat earth ‘confirmed’ conspiracy video. What subsequently happens is UFO research gets lumped in with ridiculous tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories and does not get the attention and focus it is due.

In conclusion, treat your own independent UFO research as the science it is, examine the facts before making wild speculations, and keep this field objective and empirical, and hopefully this area of research will become more widely regarded as serious.

As always, I welcome any criticism of my claims, as I may not have as much information as you. If you want to refute any of my claims please cite valid sources.

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